• Mgfc is a research centre for business solutions founded by Mauro Cavallaro in 2012.
  • Mgfc is specialized in the circulation of new technologies aimed to promote business networking.
  • Mgfc avails of a team of freelance professionals coming from Consultancy and/or with a proven academic track record.

Formation, Training and University
  • Formation Courses
  • Business games
  • Business-University Relationships
Studies and proposals on the subject of on-line marketing/branding and of web reputation
  • Effectiveness of institutional web sites and usability
  • Effectiveness and success driver of web marketing campaigns ( focus on On-line Communication Mix)
  • Web Reputation and Branding
Legal impacts of on-line communication
  • Copyright and Knowledge Sharing
  • Privacy policy and processing of personal data

Internal team building communication/managing and social networking

  • Solutions offered by new technologies
  • Coordination/collaboration of internal/external resources
  • Team Building
  • Team Managing

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