"Rather than comparing [war] to art we could more accurately compare it to commerce, which is also a conflict of human interests and activities."

Von Clausevitz

"Business in the New Economy is a civilized version of war. Companies, not countries, are battlefield rivals."

Mark B. Fuller


  • Wargames were developed for the first time by the Prussian Army in the early 19th century, taking the name of Kriegspiel. This kind of game was aimed mainly to training all rank officers of the Army: either by stimulating tactical skills or by proving procedures and rules .
  • Wargames are mathematic models (more or less complex) aimed to simulate the results of the decision taken by the players: according to the players’ decisions (input) the model determines the effects (output).
  • In the same way Businessgame allow to simulate simultaneous business decision effects.

Why a Business-game is an important opportunity for a business school:

  • To test the students’ correct learning
  • To motivate students by using the learned tools in a practical way
  • To develop students’ problem solving, decision making and responsibility taking skills
  • To develop a more interdisciplinary and concrete approach to the problems
  • To develop team working skills in a competitive context

HOW does it work:

  • Businessgame consists in a number of turns (one quarter each)
  • In Every turn players take decisions using the scenario’s provided information.
  • Decisions are elaborated by the businessgame engine and the result is a new Scenario

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