Business Game LuissWhen economy and finance are in crisis, for the firm it is fundamental to be competitive, but to do that, it is necessary to get high level human resources. The skills of a good manager are based on his formative experiences. Today the best talents have all attended very qualified management schools. Among the last ones, Luiss Business School is thought being an excellent Institute for the best up to date teaching methods transmitting high learning levels.

The “Gamification of Business”, (to apply games mechanics to problem solving) , is recognized for its effectiveness at international level and is also considered a successful DRIVER for business qualification. In fact in the international field so many firms have already decided to use Gamification in order to improve their training program.

On 12th October 2012, for MBA program of Luiss Business School, Mgfc Solutions organized a very marketing simulation where students of the MBA were grouped into teams representing the strategic management of fictional companies.


The fictional Republic of San Juan Feliz is a central American country at the end of a period of political transition where a liberal government moved the country from a “planned” to a market economy. The liberalization of the economy has drawn the attention of multinationals companies and the worries of the local businesses that fear for their survival. The sector of chewing gum, that used to be a government owned industry working in a monopolistic system, has increase its sales dramatically and both local and foreign investors are ready to try to seize a share of the market.

The Prizes

This it is the scenario in which the Business School students were asked to face one another, with no holds barred, using positioning maps, communication plans and distribution strategies.



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